For almost 4 years!! Now I Got Dilemma !

So confused rite now..

I've been waiting for u for almost 4 years..
and finally u come home to my heart..
I'm so glad
I'm so Happy
I'm speechless
I wanna cry becoz I feels like the most luckier guy in this earth
for almost 4 years
I missed ur eye..
ur body..
ur lips..
ur smile..
ur caress..
ur hugs..
ur smile..
ur hands..
ur love..
and other things bout u..
for almost 4 years..
I'm down..
I cant smile..
I cant breath..
I cant live..
I tried to be strong without u..
I cried everytime I remember u..
I'm weak..
Thats the past..
Now u're here..beside me..
and please, dont leave me..
but,,, i feel sumthing different now.. for almost 4 years I've tried to be strong.. I met many people.. I've tried many things.. without u.. I Got Dilemma now!! One side of myself said that I wanna be wit u.. but the other side said that I hav to leaving u.. coz u're not the person who I knew before.. damn! coz for almost 4 years I can live my life without u.. I met a lot of people who really care bout me.. not like u.. please, could u make me luv u just like before we met? help me..if u really2 luv me.. coz I dont wanna lose u anymore..



  1. astagaaa . lo pernah alay juga yaaa yan -_-


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